OSWP – Second OffSec Certificate of 2019

Hi all,
I’ve written my OSCP journey before and it seems like it helped many people to find their way. So I’ve decided to write a blogpost on OSWP, too.


I’ve registered for OSWP course on 23 July. Before I register I bought necessary devices which was exactly the ones from Offensive Security Website. Since choosing the devices is such a pain for many people, I’ll include the URL for the devices that I bought. I had no problem with any attack type with these devices, so I recommend the following devices:


RouterNetgear WNR1000https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001UI4RTG/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Wireless CardALFA Networks AWUS036H USB 500mW-was a gift, but you can find it anywhere online-


I’ve started by studying the theory parts of the PDF which was a bit long. But I didn’t know the theory part before so it was cool to learn these stuff. Then I started reading PDF + watching the videos at the same time and conducting the attacks one by one by setting up my environment. So when I finished the PDF & videos, I was already conducted every single attack type successfully.
After 5 weeks by studying 2-3 days on weekdays (2 hour each time) and 6-8 hours on the weekends, I felt comfortable with the attacks and felt ready for the exam.
For the last 4 days prior to the exam, I’ve solved all the exercises for WEP and WPA each day. So setting the environment and conducting all attacks took a maximum of 2 hours of me everyday. So repeating the attacks 4 times before the exam, I was so sure that I’m ready and I can pass the exam.


Exam was as expected. Since I’ve studied for the methods described in the book, I’ve cracked all keys for given APs and wrote the report.You need to SSH to a server and crack the keys for the given APs. I conducted the attacks carefully and finished the exam successfully.
After 4 days, I got this beautiful email:


Course Registration: 23 JulyStudying Materials: In total 4-6 hours weekdays, 6-8 hours weekends – for 5 weeksPractice: Last 4 days prior to the exam, do all exercises for 1 time every single dayExam: 1 SeptemberResults: 5 September

Last Comments:

I didn’t find the exam hard or easy but it was expected. As always, this certificate taught me self-study tricks and now I’m thrilled to conduct more sophisticated Wireless attacks 😈
I took OSCP in January, OSWP in September 2019 and now I’m planning to take OSCE before 2019 ends so expect to see a walkthrough in a couple of months for OSCE, too (hopefully). Hope this info will help people.
As always, #maytheforcebewithyou!

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